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  • Cal Mulligan (Thursday, August 01 19 03:36 pm BST)

    Absolute top instructor, couldn't recommend Lee's Driving School enough, friendly, reliable and all round top lad. Pushed and encouraged me throughout which got me a pass first time.

    Thanks a lot, Lee!

  • Ian dodd (Wednesday, May 22 19 06:21 pm BST)

    I’ve been with lee a few months, I set him a target to have me passed by September as my baby was due, lee overachieved and got me sorted and passed first time by May. He stuck with me through good times and bad, I laughed along side him and cried. Thank you lee for all your patience. 100% recommend.

  • Ian dodd (Wednesday, May 22 19 03:54 pm BST)

    Passed with lee today, he’s been nothing but patient over the pass few months. He got me ready to drive in time for my baby born. He’s amazing an I appreciate everything he’s done. I 100% recommended

  • Michael Hutchinson (Monday, February 18 19 08:56 pm GMT)

    Lee is an amazing instructor he's very calm, patient and nice all the things that you need to become a wonderful instructor. I would recommend him to anyone

  • Chloe (Wednesday, January 09 19 10:23 pm GMT)

    lee has a lot of patients and gives you the reassurance you need.highly recommended

  • Sam Quigley (Wednesday, January 09 19 06:28 pm GMT)

    Lee is an excellent instructor with great patience and helped me out a lot, great experience with him

  • Abby gibson (Thursday, November 29 18 10:27 pm GMT)

    Absolutely over the moon with passing my driving test this morning! Couldn’t have done it without lee’s help , Totally recommended to anyone!!

  • Sam Kindley (Wednesday, October 17 18 03:41 pm BST)

    Lee is a great driving instructor getting me through my test first time!

  • Lee brown (Thursday, May 03 18 12:04 pm BST)

    Done a top job really nice man and he is the best at what he does

  • Jordan Hall (Tuesday, January 30 18 10:07 pm GMT)

    Fantastic instructor, helped me pass with only 2 minors, with excellent patience. Would recommend to anyone wanting to start driving!

  • Anthony Dodds (Wednesday, January 24 18 03:12 pm GMT)

    Can't recommend Lee enough, he's a great instructor with the patiencs of a saint.

  • Jack Richardson (Saturday, December 09 17 11:43 am GMT)

    Passed first time with Lee, he is an excellent, reliable instructor, makes sure you're ready for your test in the shortest amount of time possible. Would recommend him to everyone.

  • Mary bell (Wednesday, June 28 17 09:47 pm BST)

    Passed first time with lee will give time and reassurance with your weakness made me more confident on the roads wouldn't of done it with our him

  • Lauren (Friday, March 17 17 12:54 pm GMT)

    Passed first time with Lee, great lad with so much passion in his job. He isn't just a driving instructor he becomes a friend. Highly recommend.x

  • Dylan Richardson (Wednesday, November 16 16 09:17 pm GMT)

    Highly recommend, really good instructor and really nice guy. I couldn't have passed first time without him, thank you lee.

  • Matty Nicholls (Wednesday, November 16 16 09:17 pm GMT)

    Lee stuck with me, even though I left and came back and he helped me pass first time with only 1 minor,
    Then also passed my pass plus with Lee
    See him as a mate

  • Sean Llewellyn (Saturday, November 12 16 09:15 am GMT)

    Thank you so much to lee, brilliant instructor and friend, helped me with so much, couldn't get a better instructor

  • Tom Robertson (Friday, July 01 16 07:25 pm BST)

    Great instructor,stuck with me all the way through and helped me pass with just 2 minors

  • Sam Coulson (Wednesday, May 11 16 02:11 pm BST)

    Amazing instructor! Passed first time thanks to his help with only 1 minor!

  • Sam Coulson (Wednesday, May 11 16 02:09 pm BST)

    Absolutely amazing instructor. Highly recommended!

    Passed first time with 1 minor thanks to his persistence!

  • Martin Stoker (Thursday, April 28 16 03:30 pm BST)

    Fantastic instructor and really nice guy passed my test 1st time with 1 minor. Cheers lee

  • Martin Stoker (Thursday, April 28 16 03:28 pm BST)

    Fantastic instructor passed my test 1st time with 1 minor cheers lee

  • Michael McCrostie (Saturday, April 09 16 07:37 pm BST)

    Highly recommended driving instructor. Passed my test 1st time with NO minor driving faults. Big up to Lee!!

  • Dean Maughan (Tuesday, March 29 16 04:44 pm BST)

    Great driving instructor, passed my test with only 1 minor, highly recommended ??

  • Dylan Richards (Monday, February 22 16 11:08 pm GMT)

    Thanks Lee for being a spot on instrucror.
    Made sure I was 100% prepared for my test and what do you know, I passed first time. Owe it all to the teacher.
    Totally recommend??????

  • megan waller (Thursday, February 04 16 10:20 am GMT)

    totally thrilled with passing my test second time round with Lee! an amazing instructor, would highly recommend him to anyone!!!

  • Abbie Smith (Sunday, January 24 16 05:45 pm GMT)

    Thank you for all your help and patience Lee! Passed 1st time with only 1 minor, would highly recommend

  • Morgan foster (Wednesday, January 06 16 09:31 pm GMT)

    Great driving instructor, really helpful thanks so much again!!! Highly recommend :)

  • Morgan foster (Tuesday, January 05 16 06:28 pm GMT)

    Great driving instructor, really enjoyed my lessons will recommend to everyone! ???

  • Liam Catling (Thursday, December 24 15 11:17 am GMT)

    Passed first time with Lee, took a lot of hard work but Lee kept with me & saw me through. Can't thank him enough.

  • David Charlton (Wednesday, September 16 15 10:16 pm BST)

    Great driving instructor, will definitely recommend to everyone looking to learn

  • Declan Younger (Thursday, July 30 15 12:18 pm BST)

    Passed first time with lee great instructor very patient would recommend him to anyone

  • Emily Anderson (Monday, July 06 15 02:40 pm BST)

    Thanks so much Lee! Top instructor! Highly recommend! Passed 1st time with only 1 minor!

  • Gavin bradley (Thursday, July 02 15 08:36 pm BST)

    Thanks for all u dun for me a wud defo recomend u mate

  • Ashley Bell (Friday, May 01 15 05:33 pm BST)

    Thank you for all your help and patience Lee. Passed first time!

  • Ashley Bell (Friday, May 01 15 08:43 am BST)

    Passes first time with lee! Great teacher all ways there to help you. Would recommend him to anyone wanting to learn to drive!

  • danielle (Friday, March 13 15 08:18 pm GMT)

    The best driving instructor I could ever ask for. Feel as though I\'ve gained a friend along side my driving licence. Much love lee, jobbaz xxxxx

  • garry (Wednesday, February 18 15 06:10 pm GMT)

    Passed 1st time best instructor iv had yet really good and freindly person with a nice car 10/10 service :)

  • Callum.Hume (Friday, February 13 15 05:20 pm GMT)

    The 1st & only instructor I\'ve needed to pass 1st time!! Very patient and dedicated instructor. cheers lee!

  • Sophie Barker (Sunday, December 28 14 01:49 pm GMT)

    Thank you for all your help and patience Lee! You made learning to drive a lot easier and I couldn\'t have passed first time without you! I would definitely recommend anyone to learn with you.

  • lyndsay Buckle (Friday, December 19 14 11:28 am GMT)

    If lee can get me thru my test in a couple of months. Anyone can do it. Thanks for all ur time and patience lee. Ur a star.

  • Ailish (Wednesday, December 03 14 07:26 pm GMT)

    Top driving instructor! Just passed yesterday with 2 minors!! If he can teach me how to drive he can teach anyone! Really patient considering how anxious I\'ve been! Next step pass plus! Thanks so
    much lee!

  • Kyle Richardson (Monday, November 24 14 10:34 pm GMT)

    Needed to drive for a new apprenticeship I\'d just got and lee was superb and got me through as quickly as possible and I can\'t thank him enough, well worth the time and money, great guy great

  • Rachel Fail (Wednesday, November 05 14 08:14 pm GMT)

    Thanks Lee for all your help! Passed my test 1st time! Would highly recommend:)

  • Andy Armstrong (Monday, October 06 14 04:18 pm BST)

    Passed my test today thanks to Lee. Top driving instructor would recommend to anyone! Top man!

  • Lewis Thompson (Wednesday, October 01 14 01:47 pm BST)

    Great driving instructor, best in the north east!

  • Dan Willis (Friday, September 12 14 12:10 pm BST)

    passed my test today. Thanks lee for giving me the confidence to do it. Makes you feel very relaxed whilst driving but also makes sure you are paying attention. Highly recommended

  • Laura Hadden (Saturday, August 16 14 08:09 pm BST)

    Passed my test first time with Lee after approx 50 hours of lessons! He is a great guy and very patient. Enjoyed my learning experience with him as he made it feel more like learning with a friend.
    He provides as much help as he possibly can and more. Highly recommended. I learned to drive, got freedom and confidence as well as gaining a pal in the process :)

  • Rachael Dunbar (Saturday, July 12 14 04:34 pm BST)

    Great driving instructor! Would highly recommend him! Just passed today super excited to start driving my own car!

  • James Tate (Monday, June 23 14 10:39 pm BST)

    Great! passed first time, Thanks lee