Theory Test explained


The Theory Test fee is  £23.00. 


A Theory Test can be arranged at any UK centre and once the test is passed the certificate is valid for 2 years. You are allowed to drive before you have passed the Theory Test, however until you have passed it you are not entitlement to book a Practical Test. You cannot take your theory test until you are 17 years or older but you can arrange your test for your 17th birthday.


From 3 September 2007, the number of multiple choice questions in the theory test for car and motorcycle candidates was increased from 35 to 50.

This increase is designed to develop higher driving standards and maximize the test’s potential for road safety and other benefits. The maximum time allowed to complete the multiple choice questions part of the test is 57 minutes and candidates will need to achieve a pass mark of at least 43 correct responses out of 50.


You also have to Pass the Hazard Perception Test as part of the theory test, CLICK ON THE PICTURE BELOW FOR HINTS AND TIPS


The updated version of the theory test book and CD Rom are now available to purchase from retailers or by clicking on the official Bookstore button on the DSA website


Test appointments are controlled by the Driving Standards Agency and the time it takes to pass the Theory and Practical tests depends on the current waiting lists.